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So far museum exhibits have not been touchable as they are presented behind display cases, and therefore no interaction is possible. But museum curators don't just want their visitors to pass the exhibitions as doing window-shopping, their idea is to integrate visitors in an interactive learning process. The virtual solution doesn't just copy the reality, but also advances into areas that would not be within reach without medical and information technology.
The project of the Virtual Bog Body is based on this challenge and provides an interactive museum application as a solution.
This interdiciplinary project includes the following scientific areas:
biomedical imaging (computer tomography), computer graphics, scientific visualisation, interface design, usability, museum pedagogics.

As a result of cooperative work of the University of Zurich and the Museum für Natur und Mensch in Oldenburg the head of the "bog man from Husbäke" has been virtually brought to life. Museum visitors use a multimedia terminal to interactively explore the reconstruction process of the man's face and to gather background information about life in the moors 2000 years ago.